04.03.2024 | 1st quarter 2024, FAIRS

With the Digital Signage Lounge, Personalise Make Wear and the Sportswear Pro conference, FESPA 2024 offers three new events.

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FESPA 2024
Conference programme

In addition to the recurring programme items Personalisation Experience Conference, World Wrap Masters, Sustainability Spotlight and Club FESPA Lounge, the FESPA 2024 supporting programme offers three new events: Digital Signage Lounge, Personalise Make Wear and the Sportswear Pro Conference. All events will take place as part of FESPA Global Print Expo and the parallel events European Sign Expo, Personalisation Experience and Sportswear Pro from 19 to 22 March 2024 in Amsterdam.


Digital Signage Lounge

European Sign Expo 2024 will be home to a new Digital Signage Lounge. Here, visitors can find out about a wide range of digital signage business opportunities and make contacts. Set up in collaboration with Navori Labs and Grupo Metal (Johnson Group), the lounge will focus on advances in digital signage, the latest digital displays and software solutions. Workshops with digital signage experts will take place every afternoon.

Personalise Make Wear

Another new addition to the programme is the Personalise Make Wear factory, which is part of the Personalisation Experience and Sportswear Pro programme. Led by FESPA Textiles Ambassador Debbie McKeegan, this area will showcase the end-to-end production of personalised sportswear in four workflows. The workflows will be presented as part of guided production tours, complemented by daily fashion shows.

Sustainability Spotlight – focus on sustainability

The popular Sustainability Spotlight programme item, which is dedicated to the topic of sustainability, is organised in cooperation with partners Re-board and Carbon Quota. The exhibition will showcase more than a hundred environmentally friendly graphic and textile substrates and provide information on sustainable production processes. The exhibits include natural and cellulosic fibres which, in combination with social initiatives in Africa and Asia, make smaller quantities more cost-effective. An information card for each substrate on display contains details on the sustainable properties and the production of innovative and environmentally friendly products.

World Wrap Masters Europe

The World Wrap Masters Europe and the final of the World Wrap Masters Series will also take place this year in cooperation with Orafol, Arlon and Teckwrap, The Wrap Institute and Wrapstock. On the first two days of the event, up to 30 wrappers will compete in several rounds using colour change film (sponsored by Arlon), paint protection film (sponsored by Teckwrap) and printed film (sponsored by Orafol) to reach the world finals on the third and fourth days. There they will compete against the winners of the regional World Wrap Masters from countries such as Brazil, Denmark, Japan, Dubai and Norway.

New and returning conferences

The Sportswear Pro conference on 21 March 2024 is dedicated to manufacturing, production and the circular economy in the sportswear supply chain. For the second year running, the Personalisation Experience conference (20 March 2024) will provide visitors with insights and inspiration on how to integrate personalised products into their offering.

Michael Ryan, Director of FESPA Global Print Expo, explains: “Our events will allow visitors to expand their industry knowledge, learn about the latest trends and be inspired by other print and visual communications companies. The new Digital Signage Lounge and Personalise Make Wear areas are definitely informative and impressive and the familiar Sustainability Spotlight and World Wrap Masters sessions will not only interest first-time visitors but also those who have been to FESPA before. The Personalisation Experience and Sportswear Pro conferences will provide a further opportunity to learn, network and maximise business growth. There is something for everyone and we are very much looking forward to sharing the experience with visitors.”


FESPA is a trade association founded in 1962 and organises exhibitions and conferences for the screen and digital printing industries. FESPA’s twin aims are to promote screen printing and digital imaging and to share knowledge about screen and digital printing among its members around the world to support the expansion of their businesses and keep them informed about the latest developments in their fast-growing industries.

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