The most popular flatbed printer in its league in Europe for 9 years: Nyala from swissQprint. © swissQprint

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Nyala flatbed printer
Europe's top seller

The Nyala flatbed printer from swissQprint has led the European sales statistics for nine years. For the first time, the latest swissQprint model also appears in these statistics: Kudu takes third place.

According to the manufacturer swissQprint, the Nyala flatbed printer is the symbiosis of premium print quality, multifunctionality and efficiency. This combination makes it so popular. The market confirms it: for nine years in a row, Nyala has been the first choice in Europe in the category “UV flatbed/hybrid printers with width >60″ (152.4 cm), in the price range between 130,000 and 650,000 euros”. The data comes from the Geneva-based market research institute Infosource.

Nyala has a 3.2×2 metre flatbed and nine freely configurable colour channels. The standard model produces a maximum of 206 m2/h, the speed model 370 m2/h. Nyala covers a wide and deep range of applications at a high quality level. The ability to print neon is particularly popular. These special inks were launched by swissQprint three years ago.

Competition from our own ranks
The Kudu high-end flatbed printer also appears in the sales ranking for the first time. This printer was launched on the market in May 2022 and is already in third place. Kudu is built on a newly designed mechanical base. It also has a 3.2×2 m flatbed, but has ten freely configurable colour channels. Its maximum output is 304 m2/h – with impressive print quality.

swissQprint large format printers are extremely powerful in many respects. In terms of energy consumption, however, they are modest. On average, they consume 2.2 kWh, about the same as a standard kettle. Their energy efficiency is certified according to Fogra ISO 20690:2018.

swissQprint is an independent public limited company based in Kriessern, Switzerland. The headquarters is also a development and production site for high-quality digital printing systems that are used for professional labelling and imaging of a wide variety of surfaces. swissQprint employs 180 people, has six branches and a sales network in 40 countries.

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