drupa 2024
AI in the print and imaging industry

At this year’s drupa, Messe Düsseldorf is presenting the drupa Imaging Summit for the first time as part of the special forum ‘drupa next age’: High-calibre speakers from renowned companies will hold 20-minute keynotes and panels on the most important topics at the interface between imaging technologies and print.



The imaging industry has come a long way in recent decades. First the transition to digital photography and digital workflows, and now the major new topic of AI, which is changing the value creation of creators, companies and the industry. Imaging Artificial Intelligence will be one of the topics at the Imaging Summit to provide information on the current status and tools, discuss new product ideas and highlight opportunities.

Picture This: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Revolutionising Image Creation (presented by Dennis Oberfeld, Google Cloud/Customer Engineer)
will show how AI is revolutionising the image creation process. Attendees will gain insight into powerful AI solutions from Google and learn how to streamline workflows and achieve impressive results.

Image Generation via Artificial Intelligence: Tools & Workflows (presented by Andreas Jürgensen, Founder AI Imagelab, ai-imagelab.de)
provides an overview of the current status of AI-generated images. Jürgensen will give a brief insight into which programmes are currently relevant. The presentation will be illustrated by application and image examples.

AI Unveiled: Navigating Past, Present, and Future in Photo Print Innovation (presented by Sarah Lefebvre, Marketing Manager at EyeQ Imaging Inc).
Sarah Lefebvre will link current AI applications with real-world use cases and their impact on the print industry. Priority will be given to the interface between innovation and practice at the forefront of AI technology.

The influence of Artificial Intelligence on future print products (presented by Adrian Rohnfelder, founder AI Imagelab, ai-imagelab.de).
In this presentation, Adrian Rohnfelder outlines possible print products of the future that will be created by new generative AI capabilities, such as the changes brought about by AI support for existing products, social media drivers for a flood of AI-generated images and consumer needs for 2D, 3D and 4D printing.

Viesu: Prints enhanced in the blink of an AI (presented by Servi Pieters, CEO of Viesus)
Millions of images are processed for print every day, often with insufficient quality or pixel count. This leads to lost time, complaints and missed opportunities. The algorithms used behind the scenes by leading companies in the photo printing industry aim to minimise sub-optimal prints. The presentation will show how AI algorithms improve the production of photo prints and deliver quality without manual intervention.

These and other presentations will take place as part of the drupa Imaging Summit at the drupa dna stage on Thursday, 30 May and Friday, 31 May in Hall 7. The programme is included in the drupa admission price.


The international print and packaging industry will meet at drupa from 28 May to 7 June 2024 under the umbrella of the megatrends of sustainability and digitalisation. The world’s leading trade fair for printing technologies stands for inspiration, innovation, high-calibre knowledge transfer and intensive networking. This is where top international decision-makers from the industry come together to discuss the latest technology trends and ground-breaking developments.

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