The German government's electricity
price package is a good start

With the reduction in electricity tax and the stabilisation of grid fees, the electricity price package recently passed by the German government contains urgently needed relief for companies and is a first step in the right direction, according to the BCDM.

The German Printing and Media Industries Federation welcomes the fact that printing companies will also benefit from the reduction in electricity tax for the manufacturing industry to the European minimum level. So far, only a few companies in the print and media industry have been able to benefit directly from the peak equalisation. “However, it is regrettable that further relief is only reserved for a very limited group of 350 energy-intensive companies,” said Dr Paul Albert Deimel, Managing Director of the bvdm, expressing his disappointment. In addition, the framework conditions for pricing have hardly changed. Dr Paul Albert Deimel therefore emphasises: “The relief can only be seen as a first step and the rapid and comprehensive expansion of the electricity supply must continue to have top priority in order to ensure a stable price situation for the industry in the long term.”

The Bundesverband Druck und Medien e. V. (bvdm) is the umbrella organisation of the German printing industry. As an employers’ organisation, political trade association and technical trade association, it represents the positions and objectives of the printing industry vis-à-vis politicians, administration, trade unions and the supplier industry. The bvdm is supported by eight regional associations. Internationally, it is organised through its membership of Intergraf and FESPA. The printing industry currently comprises around 6,900 predominantly small and medium-sized companies with more than 110,000 employees subject to social security contributions.

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